What's Up With Welding?

At Cutting Edge Laser, we are committed to producing only the best. This includes all of our laser cutting, metal fabricating, assembly, and welding services. Our specially trained staff provide excellent craftsmanship that ensures your needs for quality are met. We talk a lot about our overall metal fabrication techniques on our blog, but we’d like to take some time to talk about one special process that literally holds everything together: welding.





Part of the reason we provide such excellent metal fabrication services is due to our choice in welding equipment and techniques. We utilize low energy welding systems that allow for multiple station welding.

What is multi-station welding?

It’s just what it sounds like! Multiple welding stations offers a way to organize welding on large scale, increasing the speed of production and efficacy of the workers.

Multistation welding is a new technology that was developed by the Lincoln Electric Company. They saw the need for a high-frequency control for the weld current.

We use high quality multi-station welding for these reasons:

  • Complete independence of one weld arc from another

  • The primary welding source holds a high current power

  • May use multiple welding arcs at once

  • Improved heat containment

  • Improved transfer of metal in the weld puddle

  • Conserves energy

  • Offers an easy strike  and soft weld arc

  • Better beading presentation

  • Reduces splatter

The systems that we use provide light, portable welding power that can be linked together. The main source, acting as the primary welding current source, distributes power between the multiple welding stations. These systems can power up to 10 stations at a time.

Despite the fluctuations in power use, as individual stations are turned on and off, the primary source power remains steady so that no station has sudden lulls or surges of welding power. This central stabilization of the electrical current ensures that the heat containment remains steady and consistent, removing possibility of improperly welded metal and increases job site safety. Low quality welding can result in weakened metal, metal splattering, and unattractive beading along conjoined metal pieces. It also drastically reduces how much energy is required, as high voltage cables and multiple electric generators are no longer needed.

If you’re a small or local business owner considering where to place your order for welded metal products, give us a call. As a local business ourselves, we love to serve along side other family owned ventures, creating products to be proud of. Contact us today for free quote!