What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?


We talk a lot on our site about metal fabrication, but not too much on what it entails. We thought you might be curious.

Metal fabrication is the process of changing raw metal material into a created shape using heat and various cutting tools. What you see as a paper clip was once a tiny lump of steel that was heated and shaped by metal fabrication. The car you drive was also once a number of large pieces of metal. That metal was pressed, then cut with lasers (or stamps), bent with a press brake, and coated with powder.

The most common metal used in sheet metal fabrication is COR-TEN A, a premier high-strength, low alloy steel. It has a greater strength than carbon steel (4 to 8 times the strength) and is exceptionally resistant to corrosion. COR-TEN A is ideally suited for use in products that require strong steel that can handle exposure to the environment.

ASTM A-36 is a carbon steel best used for structural purposes, where rivets, bolts and welding will be necessary. Hot rolled carbon steel is generally used for cold bending, hot forming, and punching. This steel is often used for stair treads, cat walks, decks, and other situations that will receive heavy wear. Here at CEL, we use a variety of steel sheet metals and aluminum to suit medium sized manufacturing orders.

Take a look around you. You’ll be surprised to notice that metal fabrication has been surrounding you for your whole life. Vehicles, lamp fixtures, door knobs, your coffee thermos, refrigerator, your oven, and even modern metal decorations have all gone through the metal fabrication process. Each item was once nothing more than a lump of metal.

At Cutting Edge Laser we take pride in the artistry and industry it takes to create unique products through metal fabrication. Rather than using the imprecise quantity-giant of a stamping tool, we focus on precision and perfection in everything we produce. If you find yourself in need of a specialty item made from metal, contact us today for a free quote.