The Strengths Of Metal Fabrication

Today's metal fabrication is a wonder of modern technology. Metal fabrication has immensely simplified a once cumbersome artform. Torches and band saws are things of the past. Metal fabrication today has entered the computer age with all the benefits that high technology can bring. Today's metal fabricators can call on modern tools to save time and money as well as provide a precision in assembly that was unheard of in the past. CNC (computer numerical control) machines and precision laser metal cutters are the hallmark of this new age of metal fabrication.

With the latest technology available, metal fabrication bears little resemblance to the machine shops and sheet metal mills of the past. Huge machines dripping oil and piles of metal filings swept into a corner have given way to shops that more resemble computer labs.

CNC machines now produce parts with tolerances so fine that a human hair is outside the acceptable. Laser metal cutters now produce parts in near finished condition. Smooth edged cuts with no waste to be filled and ground have greatly reduced waste and sped up the assembly process.

With parts coming from the cutters and machinist with this type of precession, the final process of metal fabrication, the assembly, can be accomplished quickly and cleanly.  Precision Laser Cut parts mean no filing and grinding, to final fit and no gaps to be filled in during the welding process. This gives a much cleaner appearance to the welds.

The final result of all this modern metal fabrication technology is a finished product that is built with greater precision in less time and with less waste. Less time and less waste translate into cost savings.

Modern metal fabrication gives you a better looking finished product, produced in less time and at a lower price. Modern technology is a wonderful thing.